The recruitment industry tries to find better people for companies

SpeakToMyAgent delivers better jobs for people

A career coach tries to help you be a better candidate

SpeakToMyAgent delivers you a better job

Agents aren't just for movie stars

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Candidate Perspective

How are we different?

We work for the candidate, not the company

Recruiters / Headhunters / Executive Search

A recruiter takes on a role and works to find the right candidate for it We take on a candidate and work to pursue opportunties to find the right role for them.
A recruiter will be working a small handful of roles at any one time but are selecting from a pool of 10,000+ candidates Our agents work with a handful of candidates and are continually searching 1000s of potential opportunities for something suitable.
For a recruiter the company is king, there are plenty more candidates out there. For us, the candidate is king, there are plenty of companies to choose from.
A recruiter is paid no matter which candidate they put through accepts the role. We only earn our success fee when you accept the role.
A recruiter will not have another suitable role if you're not successful the first time If you're not successful, we keep trying and trying again until you are

Recruiters play a valuable role in the employment market, identifying talent for companies.

We often help our clients find work through them.

Just remember, they're paid to find the right candidate for their client, not to find you a new role.

That's what is for

I'm not a commodity.
I don't appreciate being treated like one.
S.T. - Financial Analyst and STMA Client

Outplacement Firms and Career Coaches

We do the work to find a role for candidates

Traditional Outplacement / Career Coaching


Active Outplacement

A coach delivers training in how to manage a job search We go out and do the work to deliver a job search on our client's behalf
A coach might provide a list of potential targets for you to consider approaching Our agents do the work to approach those people for our client
A coach can provide a 'mock' job interview service We deliver real interviews and feedback on real interviews
A coach is focussed on delivering their training course We are focussed on delivering our client a new role
Highly Recommended
At last; a new concept of an outstanding, tailor made service aimed at the individual contractor! Instead of being "a number" of hundreds of applicants on a large employment agency's "laundry" list of candidates, this service reverses the situation by promoting your CV and offering only the relevant contracts that fit your profile. STMA manages all aspects of the search cycle from initial contacts to final interview and contracts; thereby freeing up your precious time to concentrate on the things you do best: the interviews and assignments! This type of VIP service leaves "the traditional temp agency" trailing in the 20th century...
- IS - Auditor and STMA Client (We honestly didn't write this...)

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We concentrate on the hiring market so
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delivering value...
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